Creative & Unique Designs - The Possibilities are Unlimited!

SDU (Dark Blue_Silver) Wide mirror

Enhance your living space

The effect mirrors have on a room can be dramatic. They bring additional light into a room and give the illusion of more space. Whether you're putting together a new bathroom, updating your living room, or finishing your basement, we can help make it shine.


It is becoming increasingly popular for people to add gyms to their homes. We install floor to ceiling mirrors, the same as we do for commercial gyms, dance studios, and hotels. Transform your spare bedroom or basement into your own personal gym.

Don't struggle trying to find a mirror that fits... have it custom made

It is sometimes easier and more economical to have a mirror designed to fit rather than spending hours looking for the right size and style mirror. Don't make do, make us do it right!

Mirrors for every room in your home

• Oval mirrors

• Vanity mirrors

• Wall and full-length mirrors

• Partitioned sliding panels

Reflect your style

There are countless ways to use mirrors creativity in your home to accentuate its features or to breathe new life into a room. The possibilities are Unlimited!

Elegant mirror Customized mirror Full-length mirrors

• Beveled mirrors

• Custom mirror design

• Mirror installation

• Mirror replacement and repair